xfce – shutdown without password

I am a happy user of XFCE 4.4 beta1

"Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems.
Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources." – Olivier Fourdan, creator of Xfce

Are you annoyed by the password prompt everytime you want to shutdown from your xfce?


Use visudo to edit /etc/sudoers, and add this line:

myuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper


myuser ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/xfsm-shutdown-helper

for debian-based distributions.

Of course you can change the path of xfsm-shutdown-helper if it is in a different location (from a command line try "locate xfsm-shutdown-helper").

And of course change "myuser" with your username…

Here is a post where this topic is discussed on the xfce forum.


4 Responses to “xfce – shutdown without password”

  1. Morten Juhl Johansen Says:

    Since I came across this page due to it being at the top of a search result, I should add:
    With FreeBSD, the file is /usr/local/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper.

  2. Luis Henrique » Blog Archive » Shutdown sem senha no XFCE Says:

    […] Dica rápida, retirada de: xfce – shutdown without password […]

  3. DanaR Says:


    Gotta love google, cool website. All the best….

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